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Wanted to write this down before i forgot it.

The idea for this story came from a dream i had that was pretty realistic for a dream.
Most things i dream are pretty crazy but this one scared the shit out of me.

I still don't have much down as a story but only as an idea.And only what i could remember from the dream.

The story takes place inside an anime convention in Japan. the protagonist was in his 20's, an otaku at heart, and his younger brother, a boy around the age of 10 to 11. both are together with the older brothers friends, enjoying their day at the convention, taking pictures of cos-players and buying doujin and art from the local artists.

Through all this merriment and joy, enters the girl whom I've just been calling "Pink".

She is dressed in a pink and white Lolita/maid style dress (I'll probably draw something to give a better representation of her look) and carries a small hand basket in her right arm.

always in her right arm...

Her hair is also Pink. not too long and not too short. Long enough to cover the front of her face with her bangs, but short enough to not drop below her shoulders.

Her can't see her face. all you can see is her mouth.

her demeanor is ladylike.

As she gets closer, she is seen skipping at a slow pace toward the convention center, with no rush to enter.

She has all the time in the world...

She comes up the stairs into the building to be greeted by other convention goers noticing her outfit that resembles one of their favorite anime. they eagerly move towards her to get a picture of her wonderful cosplay. they notice the attention to detail on the dress, commenting on its craftsmanship, plaguing her with praise.

They notice her hand basket is out of place...

A man in front who was the first to spot her and get her first picture asks her about it. He tells her her character from the anime never had a hand basket, and that the costume would've been perfect is not for that.

What's in your basket?...

With no emotional reaction whatsoever, she reaches into the basket.

A gun... and ammo to spare...

She aims the gun at the mans head. the man looks down the barrel, unaware of the fact that it was real.

She shoots him. A point blank shot to the face.

Everyone hears the shot first, then notice the blood second.

Before they could understand what was happening, more shots ring out. more people fall to the ground. Everyone runs in horror. As they're running away, The girl continues to fire with deadly accuracy. killing nearly everyone hit with her bullets, and finishing off those who survived.

As she is firing...she begins to skip once more. skip towards her prey. soon her first clip is empty. She reaches into her basket for another.

Our Protagonist is on the other side of the building when this is happening. as he looks out toward the other end of the building, he sees everyone running down the hall of the entrance building. he sees them falling and he sees her...

Everyone running in the same direction, away from the entrance...She is herding them.

No escape...

This is what i could remember from my dream. i remember she moves in one direction to get everyone to move away from her and then she would circle around to catch them. any police that came near would be killed by her traps as well. they did nothing because they could do nothing.

I also remember the end part of it. They were trapped in the convention center well into the night until morning. She ran out of bullets and began to improvise. She would impale people onto re bar, stomp heads with her feet, throw people from the top floor, etc.

The story takes place in a convention center in a good sized town. The building is surrounded by woods. Those who try to run through them are caught by traps she planted days beforehand.

I remember "Pink" pretty clearly from my dream. I couldn't forget her.

She was human, but at the same time, she wasn't. She was emotionless. She didn't feel joy nor remorse for what she was doing. She didn't smile or get angry. You couldn't reason with her... because there was no reasoning with her. You could beg for your life but she will not hear you. all she would do was look around for something to kill you with as you pleaded with her.

She never spoke, at all. no noise in fact.

No one knew her name, or where she came from. who she was or what she did. Almost like she came into being at that exact moment. her face was always hidden. only her mouth and only that could ever be seen. She was almost like a slasher movie villain. Like Jason or Michael Myers. But more in tune with Michael Myers and the terminator. No one knows why she killed.She had no motive, or any that was known.

It's hard to really explain her to be honest.

I remember the song she hummed. I can't get that out of my head. only 4 notes, repeated over and over again.

This is a characters I'd like to delve deeper into and try to write something for.
COS: Horror Story Idea
I'd like to try and do something more physical with this. Like a comic or something. I'll work on an illustration for what she looks like in the near future.


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I figured I'd change the Patreon to something simple. you can pay what you want , ie, $1 or $50 and you get the exact same rewards no matter if you pledge a small amount or a large amount. The money from my Patreon will help me spend more time practicing and creating new works. Like i mention in my Patreon the pictures i make are always free for anyone to download whether you want to donate or not, it's just there if you want to help a starving artist out.

Also if you pledge to my Patreon, no matter what you pledge, you can make requests for what i should draw next, as long as it's not illegal....or sonic.


I mentioned before that I would focus at least 80% of my time on doing XXX pictures, so i'll be doing that for the most of the time these days. I like doing different things but i found it alot of fun to start drawing Hentai pictures again. I've been getting bored doing the stuff i usually do, so that played a part in me wanting to stop.

You can view my works at Hentai-foundry. It won't let me post the damn link so just search for Youngjaerome and you'll find me :)


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love to draw ALOT. when im not drawing something, im drawing something else.

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